Berke Dinç
Istanbul-based editor in chief. A follower since 2009, a fan since 2013. History, psychology, sports, politics and lots of movies/books.

Burak Belgeli
Istanbul-based English editor in chief. Eurovision-crazed since Sertab’s victory in 2003 and a hardcore fan since then. Loves reading, writing and learning new languages.

Oğuzhan Sarp
Bursa-based editor. A fan since 2011. Watching NFs is a traditional thing. Different music taste. Politics. More politics.

Hasan Borazan
Warsaw-based author. A fan who sings very well(Poland’s next representative??), movies and seriesx1000.

Mustafa Güçlü
Denizli-based author. A fan since 2012. Loves, no, crazy about Melfest. He “can’t go on”. Interested in politics.

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